It was a trip that Bob Hereau, 60, had dreamed of taking since he was a boy growing up in West Bend, Wisc. Back then Hereau collected outdoor magazines with a level of dedication some boys reserve for bicycles or basketball. He pored over each issue, hoping for articles that told exciting tales of hunters stalking Dall's sheep and caribou and grizzlies in the great wildlands of the far North.

andquot;That's when it all started for me,andquot; Hereau said. andquot;I thoroughly enjoy the wilderness I'm fascinated by it.andquot;


WHAT: One of Canada's three territories (it's not a province)

WHERE: Northwest Territories is the northern part of Canada; it's bordered on the west by Yukon, which lies just east of Alaska

HOW BIG: In area, Northwest Territories is about 147 times larger than Baker County, but its population, 43,000, is less than three times bigger than Baker County's, 16,500. The capital of Northwest Territories is Yellowknife; about 17,000 people live there.