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Folks tried to dissuade me from going backpacking last weekend.

andquot;It's the first weekend of deer season,andquot; went the common refrain.

Well, high in the Wallowas I didn't see a soul from Friday afternoon until almost noon Sunday. And then, they didn't see me for a few more minutes even though I was sitting in plain site.

A perfect trip. Not too cold. Plenty of sunshine. Relaxing.

I never even had to use my flashlight.

But best of all, the cool nights and fall sun have crisped the leaves at higher elevations. And all this week, the leaves on the trees here in town have gone from green to gold to falling down.

It's what separates Eastern Oregon from the eerie perpetual spring of the more densely populated regions west of the Cascades: We have four distinct seasons.

And fall is a widely held favorite.

So rather than just rhapsodize about watching the sun rise from a bivy on the craggy flank of a mountain, I want to invite you to share your fall favorites.

Are you a shutterbug? Send in your photos, preferably as JPEG attachments to e-mails. Tell us where you took the photo so others can go leaf peeping in your footsteps.

Are you a hunter or outdoors adventurer? Did you have the perfect trip or the perfect hunt this fall?

A few sentences will suffice, but don't be shy: We want your stories and photographs, for the Herald and for the Outdoors and Visitor Information sections on our Web site.

You can e-mail to, or drop something by the office. You can also go to and click on the link under Outdoors and type in your report.

Share your stories by clicking and photos by clicking