Baker City Council member Adam Nilsson has not been convicted of any crime, but the Aug. 1 incident at Lime that resulted in his being cited for two misdemeanors leads us to question whether he should remain one of the seven representatives for the city’s nearly 10,000 residents.

Nilsson doesn’t deny that he was on property that was off-limits to the public, or that he applied paint to a structure at the abandoned lime plant near Interstate 84. He contends he didn’t know he was trespassing, but he acknowledges that he was familiar with the site and with the considerable amount of graffiti there.

At best he showed poor judgment in entering the property, with paint, without obtaining permission.

Nilsson told the Herald that he would like to see the property used in a positive way, and we don’t question his sincerity. He volunteers to serve on the Baker City Public Arts Commission.

But simply walking onto the property, which led to Nilsson’s being cited for criminal trespassing, is not the right or the responsible way to advance his agenda.

Nilsson has attended both City Council meetings since he was cited. Councilors didn’t discuss his situation at either meeting, and Nilsson has not indicated he intends to resign.

Nilsson is scheduled to be in court later this month. If he is convicted of either criminal trespassing or criminal mischief, he should step down from the position to which he was appointed — he was not elected by voters — in February.

From the Baker City Herald editorial board. The board consists of publisher Kari Borgen, editor Jayson Jacoby and reporter Chris Collins.