By Lisa Britton

For the Baker City Herald

The 2018 Olympic Winter Games haven’t played out only in South Korea.

Countries have competed in bobsled, the biathlon and more right in Baker City.

Students in grades 2 and 3 at Brooklyn Primary School have spent the past few weeks studying different countries and completing various STEM projects modeled after the Olympic games.

The two grades — 10 classrooms in total — held opening ceremonies and even released doves into the gymnasium (helium balloons lifted the paper doves).

They even “lit” the eternal flame — a fan blowing upward through paper streamers.

Throughout the two weeks, teachers introduced Olympic-themed projects during the last 45 minutes of each day.

Brooklyn’s version of the sports varied a bit from the actual Olympics.

The true biathlon finds athletes cross country skiing and then stopping at certain points to shoot at targets.

At Brooklyn, students strapped paper plates to their feet to “ski” around their classroom. They crafted a slingshot of sorts out of plastic cups and rubber bands, which they used to shoot pingpong balls at targets posted around the room.

Prior to testing their creations though, students worked together in teams to design their project and then re-design after testing.

“Sometimes when we make something, it doesn’t work at first,” Jill Johnson told her students. “Right now we have to be an Olympian and persevere. You have to remember the characteristics of being an Olympian.”

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