We should be studying the causes of gun violence

There were two articles on the editorial page of March 7 concerning the mass shootings in our country. Cynthia Allen, an NRA member, believes in common sense laws regarding guns. She also believes that there are many other factors contributing to so much gun violence, writing that she has come across a few theories that are worthy of investigation.

Your next guest editorial is from the Chicago Tribune. It explains why this investigation is not occurring, at least not on the scale it should be. Congress passed an amendment in 1996 forbidding the CDC to investigate gun deaths. I don’t doubt that clinical investigation would reveal a variety of causes, if we were allowed to search honestly for the truth. However, one of the best investigative organizations in the world is compelled to sit on the sidelines and watch our children die. Repealing this law seems like a basic step, if we want real answers. Even one of the sponsors later publicly regretted his part in its passage.

Marilyn Hereau

Baker City