ODFW employees shot and killed two wolves from the Pine Creek pack this morning in eastern Baker County. The agency issued a kill permit Tuesday allowing employees to kill up to two wolves from the pack, which has killed four calves and injured six others since early April. An ODFW employee also killed one yearling female wolf from the pack on April 10. There are now five wolves in the Pine Creek pack, out of eight counted earlier this month.

The two wolves killed this morning from a helicopter are a yearling female and an adult male, according to ODFW. The male wolf is not the alpha (breeding) male of the pack, OR-50. Because ODFW employees have killed the two wolves, the permit for Pine Valley Ranch employees to kill two wolves will be rescinded.

There is one existing kill permit that allows either ODFW employees, rancher Chad DelCurto or his workers to kill one additional wolf from the pack if the animal is on the 3,000-acre private grazing pasture where wolves killed three of DelCurto's calves earlier this month. That permit expires May 4.