Walden needs to be replaced by McLeod-Skinner

Greg Walden needs to go home. I am sick and tired of his bragging in half-truths while undermining our district and the nation. His disregard for facts and lack of respect for his constituents shows in every single newsletter and Facebook post. He brags about working on legislation to allow logging already burnt forests, yet he has done nothing to address the real wildfire issues in the district and he continues to undermine the federal agencies responsible for prevention and suppression.

He would rather give huge gifts (tax cuts) to his fellow millionaires and corporate donors than fund public safety. Instead of promoting the rule of law and a level playing field, he brags about getting a pardon for convicted criminals. He brags about caring for veterans, but works hardest to undermine the healthcare of veteran families and the families of those who lost their lives on our behalf. He brags about supporting children’s healthcare and community clinics but held both of these hostage in his bid to eliminate the Affordable Care Act. He receives more money than any other politician from big pharma and I’m sure that drug companies bought his “He works for us” billboards because he sure has set them up nicely.

He was lockstep with Trump in giving huge tax cuts to corporate fat cats and you can be sure he will be lockstep with Trump when they come for our Social Security and Medicare. Yes, Republican leadership is already casting these payroll deductions, programs we paid into our entire working life, as entitlements that must be cut to afford the corporate giveaways. Our government is no longer by the people and for the people. It is by corporate millionaires for corporate millionaires.

I admit, I’m not too excited about the Democrats in general, but I know I cannot afford the Republicans. Jamie McLeod-Skinner is not a millionaire and not a career politician. She is promising to represent the people of this district and rural values. I’d like to give her a chance. Vote for real representative government, vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

Barbara O’Neal

Baker City

Walden’s policies will hurt rural Oregon’s economy

As I contemplated the recent summer burn bans, I worried that perhaps my children will never remember a summer night of roasted marshmallows over a roaring campfire. Maybe instead, with watery eyes and burning lungs, they’ll find ashes raining like snow from a burnt orange sky commonplace.

We’re already seeing crop and livestock losses due to drought, fire and flooding. What’s worse is that no one is going to protect us when it’s too late. Rural areas, like Baker County, are particularly vulnerable to global climate volatility due to physical isolation, lack of economic diversity, an aging population and high levels of poverty. The relatively limited diversity in our economy here means that inevitable changes in a single traditional economic sector, such as agriculture, can place a huge and disproportionate tension on community stability.

Our representative, Greg Walden, responds to the climate call with half-baked ideas about forest thinning and moving funds from one allocation to another. Meanwhile, he thinks that we rural Oregonians are simple-minded enough to accept the short-term employment benefit of further oil exploration and coal-fired power plants. Destroying the few valuable resources remaining while the threat of a greater issue literally stifles the air we breathe is an insult to our intelligence and way of life. I wish I could say that Walden’s motive was to actually stimulate job creation, but the truth is he has been bought, just as many senior congressional representatives have.

Just as a beating heart needs fresh blood to keep pumping, our economy needs a fresh supply of diverse industries to sustain itself. Jamie McLeod-Skinner, candidate for Congress in our district, understands that. She knows that in order to support our rural way of life, we have to stop putting all our stock in an antiquated and economically unviable, non-renewable industry like coal. She understands that the best investment in our community is in initiatives that enable our community to sustain itself. If we work together to elect representatives that are not in the pocket of big gas and oil we can protect ourselves before it’s too late.

Anna Morgan-Hayes

La Grande