from the Democrat-Herald

January 2, 1968

HUNTINGTON — A false fronted former barber shop converted to use as an overnight rooming house burned here Monday night in the most spectacular blaze this city has known for some years.

It was not known immediately how the blaze started. No one was in the building at the time.


from the Baker City Herald

January 4, 1993

Highway traffic in the Baker City area got back to normal this morning when Interstate 84 and Highway 30 were reopened after overnight closures.


from the Baker City Herald

January 1, 2008

At least 2007 was warm-hearted enough to wait until the absolute end to turn truly cold.

The year, in one of those serendipities that please statisticians, postponed its most polar moment for its final day.

On Monday morning, between 8 o’clock and half past, the temperature at the Baker City Municipal Airport hunkered down to 2 below zero.

That was, by the slimmest of margins, the chilliest reading of the year, relegating the 1-below low of Jan. 15 to second place.


from the Baker City Herald

January 2, 2017

The very notion of drought might seem silly, and even a bit cruel, while snow still lies deep in Baker City from December storms.

But a couple of late blizzards could not make up for many months that were deficient in any type of precipitation, liquid or frozen.

And so 2016 ended up as the second-driest calendar year on record at the Baker City Airport.

The yearly total of 6.44 inches of precipitation exceeds only 2002, when 5.63 inches fell.

2016 likely would have topped the list if not for an unusually soggy October.