from the Democrat-Herald

January 29, 1968

Robert W. Packwood, now serving in his third term as a member of the Oregon State legislature, has accepted the invitation extended by the Baker County Republican Central Committee to be keynote speaker at the annual Lincoln Day banquet sponsored by the committee Monday evening, Feb. 12.


from the Baker City Herald

January 29, 1993

Upon his election, Sen. Wes Cooley, D-Powell Butte, promised to bring common sense to the state capitol.


from the Baker City Herald

January 29, 2008

Snow berms can be such a bother.

These mounds of plowed snow that snake along the center of several of Baker City’s busier streets pose problems for driver’s

The berms, which city crews create so as to preserve curbside parking and prevent storm drains from being blocked, are especially troublesome for people ensconced in low-slung cars, since they can’t always tell, as they wait to make a left turn from a bermed street, whether the oncoming lane is empty or is crammed full of a one-ton pickup truck with wheels the size of garbage can lids.


from the Baker City Herald

January 30, 2017

Baker County ranchers suspect wolves killed more than 60 head of cattle that came up missing last fall, although no carcasses were found and state biologists haven’t confirmed wolves are responsible for any of the cattle losses.

Ranchers reported 15 cows and 51 calves missing in Baker County last fall.

County Commissioner Mark Bennett, who is on the county’s Wolf Depredation Compensation Advisory Committee, is concerned about the losses.

Chad Delcurto, who has a cattle ranch in Pine Valley near Halfway, had 11 cows and 41 calves missing after last fall’s roundup from the Forest Service and BLM allotments where his herd grazes during the summer.