from the Democrat-Herald

February 23, 1968

“Every boy and girl needs some physical and mental outlet, whether it is taking hub caps off or going to a nice movie,” stated Kenny Taylor, president of the newly formed Baker teenage club.


from the Baker City Herald

February 23, 1993

The long winter of 1992-93 will be the last for many Northeastern Oregon deer and elk.

After more than three months of almost unbroken cold and snow, the region’s most numerous big game animals are running out of the energy reserves they need to stay alive.


from the Baker City Herald

February 22, 2008

Officers in Baker City’s police and fire departments have become well-acquainted in the past three years while they have shared space in the city’s Public Safety Building.

But things have gotten a little too close for comfort since 2004, when police moved across the parking lot from their longtime offices at City Hall to the fire station.

So close that city officials have proposed to buy a former state office building and move the police department there, at an estimated cost of $716,000.


from the Baker City Herald

February 24, 2017

Baker County’s and Baker City’s history could be said to have started 206 years ago today in London.

On Feb. 24, 1811, Edward Dickinson Baker was born in that great city on the River Thames. Four years later his family immigrated to the U.S., settling first in Philadelphia and later moving to Indiana and then to Illinois.

Baker, who became a lawyer, U.S. Senator from Oregon and perhaps the closest friend of Abraham Lincoln, was the only member of Congress killed in combat during the Civil War, dying at the Battle of Ball’s Bluff on Oct. 21, 1861.

Less than a year later, on Sept. 22, 1862, the Oregon Legislature created Baker County.