from the Democrat-Herald

June 1, 1968

LOS ANGELES (UPI) — Sen. Robert F. Kennedy is dead. Like his brother, he was the victim of an assassin’s bullet.

Struck down at the brightest moment of his own try for the White House, the 42-year-old Kennedy died at 1:44 p.m. PDT today in Good Samaritan Hospital.


from the Baker City Herald

June 7, 1993

Gary Holmberg, Baker School District superintendent, was expected to sign a contract today making him the new head of the North Marion School District.


from the Baker City Herald

June 6, 2008

Summer still seems a rumor, and a farfetched one at that, but there came a sign this week that the season will eventually arrive.

The section of the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway that surmounts an eastern spine of the Wallowa Mountains has officially opened.

Unofficially anyway.


from the Baker City Herald

June 7, 2017

The Baker City Council and City staff spent the best part of an hour Tuesday night being berated by citizens upset about the monthly fee councilors intend to impose starting July 1 to avoid layoffs in the police and fire departments.

A $3 monthly fee for residents and a $6 fee for businesses would be added to customers’ water/sewer bills. The fee would raise an estimated $183,000 per year.

Councilors on Tuesday approved the second of three required readings of the ordinance establishing the fee. They will consider the final reading during their June 13 meeting.

To partially offset the new fee, councilors intend to eliminate the sidewalk fee, which is $1 per month for households and $2 for businesses.