from the Democrat-Herald

July 20, 1968

An undercover Baker City policeman made a double narcotics arrest this weekend that halted an illegal drug-selling business which had been operating in Baker.


from the Baker City Herald

July 20, 1993

Three teenage boys who were stranded while climbing a rocky ledge in Hells Canyon climbed to safety with the help of a rescue team Monday night.

Three Baker County Sheriff’s Department officers, four Sheriff’s Posse members and four U.S. Forest Service employees responded to help the stranded boys.


from the Baker City Herald

July 21, 2008

Four months after the City Council came close to imposing a monthly fee on residents and businesses to raise money for repairing rough sidewalks and building new ones, councilors will take up the matter again on Tuesday.

On March 11 councilors passed by a 5-2 vote the second of three required readings of an ordinance setting a monthly fee of $1 per residential dwelling and $2 per business.


from the Baker City Herald

July 21, 2017

The passage of a transportation package in the Oregon Legislature early this month is bittersweet relief for one local government official.

Although the bill will provide needed dollars for improvements to city streets and county roads, the legislation also will increase the gas tax by a total of 10 cents a gallon over the next seven years.

“Certainly it’s a relief,” Baker County Commissioner Mark Bennett said. “No one, including me, wanted to see the gas tax go up. It’s a regressive tax ... but it does give us the ability to maintain roads.”

Bennett said gas tax hikes affect rural residents because they tend to drive longer distances than urbanites. And farmers and ranchers use a considerable amount of fuel.

“Everywhere is a long ways out here,” Bennett said. “It takes a lot of fuel.”