from the Democrat-Herald

September 10, 1968

After much debate the District 5J School Board Monday evening tabled Elton Cook’s requeset to have the school bus route changed in his area so that it would come almost up to his place. .


from the Baker City Herald

September 10, 1993

A Baker City trio will join 1,997 other cyclists next week on a 450-mile trip through sagebrush hills, across rivers and over mountains from Baker City to Oregon City.


from the Baker City Herald

September 10, 2008

Despite mule deer populations that dropped due to a long, hard winter and rising cougar numbers, bowhunting season is off to a good start in Baker County, with hunters bagging deer and elk in area hunting units.


from the Baker City Herald

September 8, 2017

A pair of cloudbursts late Friday afternoon that pummeled slopes scorched during last summer’s Rail fire caused flash flooding along the South Fork of the Burnt River about seven miles southwest of Unity, temporarily stranding campers and recreational vehicles and passenger vehicles in the popular recreation area.

No one was hurt, according to the U.S. Forest Service.

Firefighting crews from the agency who were stationed in the area to respond to possible lightning-sparked blazes cleared mud, trees and other debris along the South Fork Burnt River Road, which accesses South Fork, Stevens Creek, Elk Creek and Mammoth Springs campgrounds.

Members from the Baker County Sheriff’s Office search and rescue team assisted in helping campers evacuate the area.

Lori Schultz, who was camping in the area Friday, posted a video on the Herald’s Facebook page showing water flowing across a road, and a photograph of her travel trailer surrounded by mud and water.