A $48 million bond measure to build a new elementary school in Baker City has failed by a wide margin.

In the race for Baker County Commission chairman, incumbent Bill Harvey had 3,797 votes to Bruce Nichols' 3,302 votes in unofficial results from the County Clerk's office.

Baker City Council:
The top 4 will be elected:
Lynette Perry, 2,150
Carly Annable, 1,373
Ken Gross, 1,251
Randy Schiewe, 1,140

Doni Bruland, 891
Kevin Luckini, 888
Daryl DeMoss, 887
Slade Elbert, 837
Morgan DeCarl, 834
Rick Rienks, 719

Baker County Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance:
YES: 4,925
NO: 2,486

Sumpter Measure banning future marijuana businesses:
NO: 73
YES: 72