from the Democrat-Herald

February 8, 1969

Pendleton’s 25-game winning streak came to a wild fan-screaming halt here last night as the Baker Bulldogs won by a stunted whisker, 62-61 in overtime.

Ernie Ross was the big hero of the evening for the locals. Ross scored a tip-in with two seconds remaining and gave Baker the needed one-point margin.


from the Baker City Herald

February 8, 1994

The Baker County Chapter of the Oregon Hunter’s Association on Wednesday will discuss a proposal to outlaw the use of dogs in hunting bears and cougars.


from the Baker City Herald

February 9, 2009

Data from the latest Census of Agriculture released Thursday shows the number of farms in Oregon is declining, but the average age of Oregon farmers and ranchers is rising.

Oregon also reported a slight decrease in the average size of farms, according to the Census of Agriculture doing in 2007.


from the Baker City Herald

February 9, 2018

Baker City has seen a steady increase in the number of minors cited for possession of marijuana since recreational pot use was legalized for adults in Oregon, according to local statistics.

Police Chief Wyn Lohner believes that when Oregon voted to legalize pot — or as he says, the Willamette Valley did, as voters in Baker County and much of rural Oregon opposed the measure — it started changing the social norm for the way residents, including young people, view marijuana use.

“We’re telling the youth that this is OK,” he said.

That’s why he’s not surprised by the increase in the number of citations issued to minors for marijuana possession. Lohner says his concern for young people is why he has fought to keep marijuana dispensaries out of Baker City.

Retail marijuana sales are prohibited by ordinance in Baker City and in the unincorporated parts of Baker County. There are marijuana stores in Huntington and Sumpter.