from the Democrat-Herald

March 15, 1969

“Deeper Life Services” at the Church of the Nazarene from March 16-23 will combine the talents of Dr. Lauriston DuBois, college professor and chaplain and the musical talents of his son, Bayard.

Bayard was a three-year letterman in high school. He is presently a sophomore in college and is on the varsity basketball team.


from the Baker City Herald

March 15, 1994

The state will unveil a draft master plan for the new Sumpter Valley Dredge State Park Thursday evening at the Sumpter Town Hall.

Kathy Schutt of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department will present the plan.


from the Baker City Herald

March 16, 2009

Cattlemen across Oregon are working to educate urban lawmakers about the potentially devastating effects a handful of bills currently before the Legislature could have on the state’s agriculture industry.


from the Baker City Herald

March 16, 2018

A steady light rain fell Wednesday morning while about 55 Baker High School students stood outside the school in silent remembrance of the 17 people who died a month ago in a shooting at a Florida high school.

The students were asked by senior class president Eva Jones-Bedolla to turn off their cellphones before the vigil began. For those 17 minutes, students complied with the request. They did not check their phones, take photos of themselves and their friends or catch up on the latest gossip of the day.

“I was really proud of the students who showed up,” Eva said. “They stood in silence.”

The Baker students joined others from across the country, including 60 at Baker Middle School, who walked out of their classrooms at 10 a.m. local time to participate in a variety of events.