By Lisa Britton

For the Baker City Herald

Grace Boehm smiles, then laughs, as the goat reaches out and gently nibbles her fingers.

As she pets the curious kid, Boehm starts talking to the goat’s owner, Cecelia Scott, and recounting a time long ago when she raised bummer lambs in Montana.

“I raised one. They were so cute,” Boehm says.

Members of the Burnt River 4-H Club brought two one-month-old goats — named Cookie and Cream — and a couple of chicks to visit the residents at Meadowbrook Place in Baker City on Friday.

Cortney Storey, who leads the club with Carrie Scott, said she offered to bring the baby animals to visit the assisted living facility.

“I remember going to a home when I was younger. My grandma loved it,” Storey said.

Residents stopped by to see the goats, smiling to watch the animals sniff around the room, tails wagging whenever anyone dropped a hand to give a pat.

The 4-H club has four members. The three who visited Meadowbrook were Cecelia Scott, Lars Olin and Reagan Martin.

The 4-H’ers answered questions about their animals and told their new acquaintances about their experiences in the 4-H program.

“It’s a wonderful experience for the children to learn respect for the animal world,” said Marian Brown, who lives at Meadowbrook.