from the Democrat-Herald

April 11, 1969

The price of merchandise and poor customer service by clerks in Baker businesses are the two major reasons residents of Hereford, Unity and Ironside shop elsewhere for their goods.


from the Baker City Herald

April 11, 1994

The Baker City Council will review proposed designs Tuesday for the Court Avenue Park.

Representatives of Walker & Macey, the company designing the park, will be at the Tuesday meeting to present their plans.


from the Baker City Herald

April 10, 2009

About two dozen people — including a pair of Baker County residents — bused to Salem and back Thursday to testify in support of a bill that would ban utility facilities, including transmission and natural gas lines, in land zoned exclusively for farm or forest use so long as most of the power transmitted by the facility is consumed within an urban growth boundary.


from the Baker City Herald

April 11, 2018

State wildlife officials have given a Baker County rancher permission to kill up to two wolves from a pack that killed at least three of his calves late last week near Halfway.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) issued a permit Tuesday to Chad DelCurto.

Last week DelCurto moved 130 cow-calf pairs onto private land he leases for grazing in the Fourmile Gulch area, south of Highway 86 about eight miles east of Halfway.

Within two days wolves from the Pine Creek pack attacked DelCurto’s cattle twice, killing three and injuring four others, according to ODFW.

The permit, which expires May 4, allows DelCurto to kill up to two wolves on the private property.

DelCurto said this morning that he and others had been stationed among his cattle since 3:30 a.m. but they had not seen any wolves as of 8 a.m.

“We’re just trying to keep them hazed out by our presence,” he said.

DelCurto said he thinks it will be difficult to get a chance to take a shot at one of the wolves.

“They’re awfully wily,” he said. “It’s a tough deal.”