from the Democrat-Herald

April 18, 1969

District 5J’s School Board Wednesday evening adopted a resolution to present the district’s budget as adopted by the budget board to the voters.


from the Baker City Herald

April 17, 1994

Baker City’s professional baseball contingent is back on the diamonds.

Kevin Logsdon, Mike Cavanagh and Carney Lansford have donned the uniforms again for another season.


from the Baker City Herald

April 17, 2009

Ranchers from across the state called on the Oregon Legislature to schedule a hearing on House Bill 3383 after listening to Curt Jacobs describe in gruesome detail how a pair of wolves ventured out of the Eagle Cap Wilderness and went on a lamb killing spree at his family ranch in Baker County.


from the Baker City Herald

April 18, 2018

The Baker County Road Department has turned an old machine into a new tool that will save the department time and money in maintaining hundreds of miles of graveled county roads.

It’s called the GRU.

The county has not hired the supervillain, Felonius Gru, from the “Despicable Me movies,” to work on its roads, but the character shares its name with the county’s gravel recovery unit (GRU).

The machine separates gravel from the sod, vegetation and rocks that have been scraped from the road shoulder and deposited on the road in a berm. The GRU collects and beats that material to loosen the gravel from the sod, which travels along a conveyer belt that allows the gravel and dirt to fall back onto the road surface as it is being towed by a tractor. The sod and larger rocks continue along the conveyor belt assembly and are thrown by the GRU onto the shoulder or into the barrow pit.

“All the good stuff falls right back onto the gravel road and all the stuff you don’t want falls right back into the barrow ditch,” said Jeff Smith, Baker County roadmaster.