from the Democrat-Herald

April 29, 1969

City Manager Vern Jacobson told council members at the regular council meeting Monday night the improvements requested by the fire marshal to be made in the basement of city hall, where the kindergarten classes are held, will cost $6,818.08. An estimate was obtained from a local contractor.


from the Baker City Herald

April 29, 1994

The Baker City Budget Committee rejected a proposal Thursday night to hire a code enforcement officer.

Although several committee members agreed it would be a good addition to the police department, the majority wouldn’t approve the estimated $42,000 per year for salary and benefits.


from the Baker City Herald

April 29, 2009

The yellow perch trapping campaign at Phillips Reservoir started fast last week but frizzled with the return of colder weather this week.

“We’ve caught about 46,000 perch, but most of them were caught last week when the weather was warmer,” said Tim Bailey, ODFW district fish biologist in La Grande.


from the Baker City Herald

April 30, 2018

Baker County voters might have a chance in November to decide on a measure that would ban the county from using its money, employees or facilities to enforce any law that “restricts the right of the people to possess firearms, firearm accessories and/or ammunition.”

County Clerk Cindy Carpenter has certified a proposed title for the initiative petition submitted by the Baker County Republican Party.

The “Baker County Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance” would require the county sheriff to “review federal, state and local laws affecting firearms, firearms accessories and/or ammunition and determine whether they violate the United States and Oregon Constitutions.”

Four of Oregon’s 36 counties have similar ordinances in effect, including Wallowa County.