from the Democrat-Herald

June 27, 1969

The Baker Hotel will be closed permanently, including the ground floor, on Oct. 1, according to a statement issued by A.C Lighthall. The only way the Baker Hotel would be kept open is if the Baker City Council should reverse its decision and permit the hotel to be used as an apartment complex to house the elderly or if the Apartment Owners Association would buy it.


from the Baker City Herald

June 27, 1994

A bighorn sheep was found dead Friday afternoon near Oxbow Dam, the victim of a car accident and the second known man-caused death in the sheep band in less than two months.


from the Baker City Herald

June 26, 2009

Bruce Klunder, a 1954 Baker High School graduate, pastor and a memorialized participant in the civil rights movement, will be honored during a noon ceremony July 3 at the Baker County Courthouse.


from the Baker City Herald

June 27, 2018

Timber harvest on the three national forests in Northeastern Oregon would need to double to achieve the Forest Service’s goals for restoring forests vulnerable to insects, disease and fire, one of the forest’s supervisors said Tuesday.

Tom Montoya, supervisor of the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, said new management plans for the Wallowa-Whitman, Umatilla and Malheur national forests propose such an increase in logging.

The Forest Service will release the new plans for the trio of Blue Mountains national forests Friday, the culmination of almost a decade of work.

Montoya emphasized that the forest plans — which will replace the current documents approved in 1990 — do not guarantee a particular amount of logging.

He describes forest plans as “frameworks” for how the forests, which comprise about 5.5 million acres of public land, will be managed for the next 15 years or so.

“The plans are an umbrella covering awhat we want to achieve across the national forests,” Montoya said.

Specific projects done under the auspices of forest plans — timber sales being one example — require a separate study of their potential environmental effects and a separate decision by a forest official.