from the Democrat-Herald

July 19, 1969

Officials at Northwestern headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Portland have announced the appointment of Elizabeth Gray, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gray, Baker residents, as a representative to a giant church World Youth Congress to be held in Zurich, Switzerland.


from the Baker City Herald

July 19, 1994

The minutes and hours and days pass, and with them, Marri McKinnon-Hust fears, fade the hopes of children who never had a chance.

McKinnon-Hust is one of 16 Baker County volunteers who, by donating 30 minutes here and an hour there, help a few lucky children find a future.


from the Baker City Herald

July 20, 2009

Before the Baker Elks Blowout Bull Riding kicked off Saturday night, Colby Reilly was giving the cowboy’s sermon on the relationship between a rider and bull.

“He can’t react to you, you have to react to him,” said Reilly, a 22-year-old from Stratford, Wash. “He’s your dance partner and you have to follow him.”


from the Baker City Herald

July 20, 2018

A cross-country procession of about 25 motorcycle riders stopped at the Baker City Airport Thursday afternoon to honor Army Spc. Mabry Anders, a 21-year-old Baker City soldier who was killed in action in Afghanistan on Aug. 27, 2012.

The Tribute to Fallen Soldiers riders, escorting the Fallen Soldiers Memorial Flame from Eugene to Arlington National Cemetery, parked their bikes outside a hangar around 12:15 p.m. and played “Amazing Grace” from the speakers of a motorcycle before greeting the crowd that attended the reception.

Warren Williamson, Tribute to Fallen Soldiers Executive Director, presented Anders’ mother, Genevieve Woydziak, with a canvas painting of a young Anders with his parents in front of an American flag backdrop along with a patch with Anders’ name. The riders also bear that patch as they travel across the country.

“It’s not a club that you want to be a part of, but with this patch Mabry will be with us as we travel to Arlington,” Williamson said.

Woydziak also signed one of three American flags in her son’s name that the group will fly with them as they ride into Arlington.

The group left Eugene on Tuesday after the mother and sister of a fallen solder lit the flame, and they are slated to arrive in Washington, D.C., on Aug 3.