from the Democrat-Herald

August 12, 1969

Sumpter children are faced with another 10-hour day school year (school time and travel time to and from Baker ).


from the Baker City Herald

August 12, 1994

A lighting-caused fire first reported Wednesday afternoon on the Umatilla National Forest was pushed by strong winds Thursday onto the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest.

The Boundary fire has burned an estimated 300 to 400 acres as of this morning about 2 miles southeast of Tower Mountain Lookout.


from the Baker City Herald

August 12, 2009

The federal Cash for Clunkers program that gives as much as $4,500 to people who trade in cars, trucks and SUVs on new, more fuel-efficient vehicles proved to be so popular that Congress had to add $2 billion last week to keep the program running.

The program is also luring prospective buyers in Baker City’s new car showrooms.


from the Baker City Herald

August 13, 2019

Yes for Kids is the title of the newly formed political action committee that will advocate for passage of a $48 million school bond in the Nov. 6 election.

Kim Mosier, the lead organizer of the Baker Valley Education Foundation who also served on the Baker School District’s Long Range Facilities Planning Committee, is chairwoman of the Yes for Kids committee.

Two other Baker City women also have volunteered to serve in official positions: Debbie Penning is the treasurer and Mary Tomlinson will be the chairwoman of the fundraising committee.

The group will be seeking donations of time and money as the volunteers begin to organize and work together to gain support for the bond measure, Mosier said.

They intend to sit at football and volleyball games promoting Ballot Measure 1-88 and helping people learn more about the need for its passage. The ballot caption states that the $48 million bonds would be used “to improve safety, expand vocational opportunities, address enrollment levels” in the 5J schools.