from the Democrat-Herald

August 22, 1969

Keith Petrie, formerly of Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort, is the new manager of Anthony Lakes Recreation Area, announced corporation vice president S.H. Ellingson.


from the Baker City Herald

August 22, 1994

Arnold Coe, Baker 5J School District Superintendent since July 1993, has been named superintendent of the Baker Education Service District.

He will do both jobs.


from the Baker City Herald

August 21, 2009

Baker County Commissioners declared their support Wednesday for Ash Grove Cement’s call for the EPA to adjust its proposed mercury emission rules to allow for the unusually high levels of mercury in the limestone the company uses to make cement at its plant in Durkee.


from the Baker City Herald

August 22, 2019

Matt Hutchinson has been failing tests all summer, and he’s happy about that.

But these tests involve dead mosquitoes, not multiple choice questions.

Hutchinson, who manages Baker County’s mosquito-control district, has sent 259 batches of mosquito carcasses to a lab at Oregon State University, where the insects are tested for West Nile virus.

All were free of the virus, which the bugs can spread to people and horses.

“It’s a little surprising,” said Hutchinson, who is in his sixth year as manager of the Baker Valley Vector Control District, a 200,000-acre area that includes most of Baker, Bowen and Keating valleys.

Hutchinson’s surprise stems from history.

During each of his previous five summers here, West Nile virus was detected in mosquitoes trapped within the district no later than Aug. 12.

In most of those years the first infected mosquitoes were trapped during July.