from the Democrat-Herald

April 15, 1971

Citing his inability to operate the city fire department with only 12 men, Baker fire chief John Everson, 63, this week submitted his resignation.

City manager Vern Jacobson accepted and said”I’m not going to beg or chase him. Anyone who wants to submit his resignation, I’ll accept.”


from the Baker City Herald

April 15, 1996

A video about the Oregon Trail that features the Bureau of Land Management’s Oregon Trail Interpretive Center recently won an award.

The International Association of Audio Visual Communicators presented a “Cindy” award to the BLM and Trail Tenders Inc., the interpretive center’s volunteer group.


from the Baker City Herald

April 15, 2011

The day the last trace of ice disappears from Phillips Reservoir is for anglers a symbol of a fresh start.

For yellow perch it’s just the end.

Of everything.

For the third straight April, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is letting the perch’s penchant for procreation lead legions of the fish to their demise.


from the Baker City Herald

April 16, 2020

Lisa Grigg’s sons — ages 7, 5, and 2 — weren’t too sure about leaving their stuffed animals outside for a Zoo Parade.

“But after I started setting up they got super excited and engaged in coming up with how to display them,” Grigg said.

Her sons decided that Grippy Grabby the Octopus likes to play with other octopuses but always gets stuck, and that Bark the Dog loves to chase cats up trees. Roar the Dragon, on the other hand, loves to fly but is also lazy and loves to sleep.

“I loved watching my boys come up with ways to display and name their animals,” Grigg said. “It gave us something to work on together and got us out of the house waving to friends.”

Grigg and nearly 40 others in Baker City created a zoo display in their yards with stuffed animals on Friday, April 10.

The idea started with Karen Baxter, whose daughter-in-law was making a walk-by zoo on a Marine base in California.

Baxter printed a flyer with details and texted it to friends from her church. She encouraged participants to make signs describing the animals and display them in a cage (chair, laundry basket or other item).

“Then someone posted it on the Baker City Moms group and it just grew,” Baxter said.

She made a list and map of the 37 participants. Zoo displays were up for most of the day as people drove by and honked their appreciation.

“My son loved it,” Melody Hall said. “We all pitched in as a family and had fun with our zoo.”

Hall’s 8-year-old son, Sam, couldn’t wait to see the other displays around town.

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