from the Democrat-Herald

December 30, 1969

Education was the big news in Baker County during 1969. That was the year that saw Magic Valley Christian College move from Albion, Idaho, to Baker and become Baker College.


from the Baker City Herald

December 30, 1994

WEISER — Baker continued to show signs of improvement Thursday but still couldn’t put a complete game together.

The Bulldogs stumbled enough times to drop a 57-49 non-league boys basketball game to Weiser.


from the Baker City Herald

December 30, 2009

The BLM has approved a Baker County man’s proposal to install six wind turbines on public land just north of Huntington. Randy Joseph, who lives in Sumpter Valley, applied for a permit for the Lime Wind Project in June 2007.


from the Baker City Herald

December 31, 2018

Jason Todd doesn’t drive to the store to buy his favorite beverage.

He just walks down to his basement.

Dozens of brown glass bottles stand in rows, as orderly as soldiers at attention, in the space below the stairs leading to the cellar of the 103-year-old home that Todd and his wife, Crystal, own in Baker City.

Each 12-ounce bottle contains kombucha.

That’s the fizzy fermented flavored tea, served cold, that the Todds have been brewing in their home for the past two years.

The couple, who moved to Baker City in 2015 and have a four-year-old son, Luke, started selling kombucha in 2017 under the name JungleBooch Raw Kombucha Teas.

The whole process, from brewing to bottling, happens inside their home.

Jason, 36, who has a teaching contract with the Baker School District and also oversees its digital media among other duties, jokes that his friends and customers in effect subsidize his thirst for kombucha.

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