from the Democrat-Herald

January 9, 1970

Baker County today joined the rank of counties remonstrating out of the Intermediate Education District they were placed in by the Oregon Board of Education’s IED reorganization plan last August. Robert O. Eddy, Baker County IED superintendent, was scheduled to file the remonstrance forms.


from the Baker City Herald

January 9, 1995

St. Elizabeth Health Services has received a $90,000 grant from a Reno foundation to aid the $165,000 cost of establishing a nuclear medicine program.


from the Baker City Herald

January 8, 2010

Supervisor Steve Ellis might decide by late spring how many of the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest’s 4,200 miles of low-maintenance roads will be off-limits to motor vehicles.


from the Baker City Herald

January 9, 2019

Dave Dethloff’s job is to keep a 52-mile section of Interstate 84 as safe as possible for travelers despite Baker County’s occasionally polar climate.

He’s sold on salt.

As the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) moves through its second winter using salt to combat snow and ice on Interstate 84 from Boardman to the Idaho border, Dethloff, who manages ODOT’s Baker maintenance section near the Milepost 302 interchange in north Baker City, said salt has proved its value.

“It’s incredibly effective in just about any condition,” Dethloff said.

When temperatures are moderate, salt helps prevent falling snow from sticking to the freeway, he said.

And when the temperature plummets and a layer of ice forms, salt can start to melt the ice and help plows scrape it off the pavement more thoroughly and quickly.

“It’s been a huge tool for us,” Dethloff said. “We’re getting better driveability for the public, and that’s the goal.”

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