from the Democrat-Herald

July 1, 1970

The population of the City of Baker is 9,235, according to figures just released by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census. At this figure, the population is down 115 from 1969.


from the Baker City Herald

June 30, 1995

Baker City has received a $33,400 state grant to restore the Powder River in town and to teach local students about the river.

The money comes from Oregon Lottery revenue.


from the Baker City Herald

June 30, 2010

The sluggish start to the wildfire season in Northeastern Oregon got a bit of a jolt Tuesday afternoon.

Lightning started a pair of blazes in the hills north of Burnt River Valley.


from the Baker City Herald

June 28, 2019

Baker City Police had hoped to make a routine arrest before dawn Wednesday when they approached an apartment house where a man they held an arrest warrant for had reportedly been staying.

Instead, Baker City Police Sgt. Wayne Chastain said he received a call from the night-shift officers at about 3 a.m. telling him they had confirmed that the subject of the warrant, Brent Alexander Breshears, 28, was in an apartment at 1701 Fourth St., but they were not allowed inside to arrest him.

The actual tenant at the apartment,Tamara Fine, 46, refused to let the officers enter without a search warrant.

“So they backed out of the establishment, set up a perimeter and started making phone calls,” Chastain said.

During the night, Fine left the apartment through a window and police let her go.

“She wasn’t the primary focus,” Chastain said.

In the meantime, Breshears had barricaded himself inside Fine’s basement apartment in the fourplex building and refused to communicate with police.

Chastain said the SWAT team responded after police conducted a risk assessment based on Breshears’ record.

“We look at their criminal history, their past convictions and what they are currently wanted for and different scenarios,” Chastain said.

Those factors and others are given a numerical value and tallied to determine if the suspect rates a light, moderate or high risk for potential of harm to officers, Chastain said.

Breshears was rated a moderate to high risk.

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