from the Democrat-Herald

May 1, 1971

Possible solutions, both short term and long range, regarding where 220 third graders will be housed next fall in light of the impending razing of St. Francis Academy were discussed at a district 5J school board meeting last night. Two solutions, involving using two shifts or finding other quarters for the students, were discussed.


from the Baker City Herald

May 1, 1996

Several Baker City residents volunteered Tuesday night to help the Baker County Vector Control Board tell people how the county kills mosquitoes, and suggest ways by which they might avoid infestations of the biting insects.

The volunteers offered during the board’s meeting to help write a brochure explaining anti-mosquitoes for the vector control district.


from the Baker City Herald

May 2, 2011

Baker County employees will begin moving back to the Courthouse this week, five months after the historic structure sustained severe water damage when two water pipe valves broke during sub-zero weather.

Many services that were available in the courthouse before the building rehab work commenced should be back there early next week.


from the Baker City Herald

May 2, 2020

Julie Winton knew the thunderstorm was strong, but she didn’t realize how strong until she saw the 3-foot-thick tree sprawled across her front yard Thursday morning.

Sprawled, in fact, across the very spot where she often parks her car.

Winton, who lives on a cattle ranch in Keating Valley about 15 miles east of Baker City, hadn’t parked there the day before because she didn’t have any groceries or other packages to carry through the nearby front door.

When she woke up Thursday morning and saw the massive box elder toppled, Winton felt fortunate.

Also a trifle puzzled.

“We didn’t even hear it,” she said.

Her husband, Mark, let their dog out Wednesday night, after the storm had moved off, but it was full dark by then. And the front door, when opened, partially blocks the view of where the tree had stood, she said.

Winton, who has lived on the ranch east of Keating for 14 years, said she always figured if any of the big old trees on the place finally succumbed after enduring storms over a century or so, it would be an adjacent elm.

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