from the Democrat-Herald

May 19, 1970

County Judge Lloyd Rea said today that Baker County has received a $25,000 grant from Max C. Fleischman Foundation of Reno, Nev. These funds will be used towards the construction of the new County Library now underway.


from the Baker City Herald

May 19, 1995

Katrina Marshall, a senior on the Baker High School softball team, has been selected to play in the North/South all-star series in July.

Marshall, the Bulldogs’ left-fielder, also was a first team all-Greater Oregon League pick. The GOL all-league teams were selected Wednesday before the Baker-Ontario doubleheader in Baker City.


from the Baker City Herald

May 19, 2010

Radio Shack is searching for an entrepreneur to open a franchise store in Baker City this summer.

“The population of Baker City is one of the largest in Oregon where we don’t have a Radio Shack store,” said Bill Bartels, area developer for new Radio Shack stores.


from the Baker City Herald

May 20, 2019

Baker High School is adding color to its interior walls, beginning with students painting a mural in the science hallway, representing the various sciences.

Jill Nelson, who monitors the computer lab at BHS, said other teachers proposed the mural and students started work on the project last year.

She got together with her class to brainstorm possible ideas for the mural. They had smaller groups who collaborated to get some ideas going. As a large group, they decided on the design.

The mural begins with six scientists painted in the Pop Art theme of Andy Warhol — Amy Mainzer, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stephen Hawking, Bill Nye, Jane Goodall and Michio Kaku.

Nelson said seniors Koedi Birmingham and Morgan Stone worked on the scientists.

The mural moves through the past with woolly mammoths and dinosaurs with a comet flying overhead.

“It’s pretty cool,” said Johnny Zhang, a sophomore and exchange student from China who painted the dinosaurs.

The mural then moves into the present with horses, cows, elk, trout, among other objects. Birmingham said the students wanted to paint animals they can see locally.

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