from the Democrat-Herald

May 5, 1970

The 5J school board passed a resolution Wednesday morning to put the question of a new tax base before the 5J public in the May 26 primary election.


from the Baker City Herald

May 5, 1995

(EDITORIAL) — If Baker City had its own “Green Grocer,” it was Francis Chaves, who died May 1, 1995, after a lifetime of service to his community. A Baker City native, Mr. Chaves is remembered by old-timers as a grocer. He was at first co-owner, and eventually the sole owner of Chaves Food Land, which is where Coast-to-Coast is today.

The building housed a flower shop on the Second Street side and when Mr. Chaves was in his early 40s he became the owner of The Flower Box, which he operated in various locations until his death.


from the Baker City Herald

May 5, 2010

Driving to Thief Valley Reservoir Dam to fish is now almost as easy as flipping open a spinning reel.

The 1.3-mile road to the dam, once often tougher to drive than reeling in a steelhead with light tackle, is dramatically better this spring.


from the Baker City Herald

May 6, 2019

SUMPTER — Jim Delgado has visited the wreck of the Titanic, so you might expect that he would scarcely bother even to ponder the significance of the Sumpter Dredge, which has never been within 200 miles of an ocean and most probably will never be the subject of an Oscar-winning film.

This is patently not so.

As Delgado stood inside the hulking gold-mining machine Thursday morning he spoke with emotion and eloquence about why he believes this contraption is truly a treasure.

He rapped his knuckle on a steel rivet and marveled at the workmanship.

He drew a finger along a Douglas-fir beam on which a worker scrawled words more than half a century ago.

He paused occasionally, as if to search for the words to express why this vessel — and indeed it is a boat, albeit a most unusual one — affects him so deeply, a man who in his 47-year career has traveled the globe and inspected the remnants of some of the world’s most famous ships.

Delgado, who is one of America’s more renowned maritime archaeologists, answers the question in multiple ways, but they can be distilled to a single word.


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