from the Democrat-Herald

October 6, 1970

Fourth-graders in Baker schools will have an opportunity to enroll in the Oregon Heart Association’s heart sound screen program Oct. 5 through Oct. 9. The program, financed through contributions to the February Heart Fund drive conducted in cities throughout the nation, was launched yesterday at Brooklyn School.


from the Baker City Herald

October 6, 1995

Tim Mahoney of Baker City is one of eight Oregonians who will be recognized for their outstanding contributions to Oregon’s mental health system during a Tuesday awards ceremony at the State Capitol in Salem.

The state is giving the awards in connection with Mental Illness Awareness Week.


from the Baker City Herald

October 6, 2010

Last October started with snowballs.

This October started with sunburns.

Or anyway there was the distinct possibility of acquiring a burn, if you stayed out too long without protection on the first few days of the month.

It’s small wonder that meteorologists call autumn and spring the seasons of transition, since they tend to resemble both the season just ended and the one soon to come.

Before last week, however, October had never mimicked summer quite so convincingly around here.


from the Baker City Herald

October 7, 2019

School leaders and community partners took a run at improving test scores over time last week when they traveled to early learning centers throughout the state in the hope of establishing such a center for Baker students.

Superintendent Mark Witty noted that the District’s 2018-19 test scores, released recently by the state Department of Education, showed improvement in both English/language arts and math.

“Growth across all grades came in at 2.9% for ELA (English/language arts) and 1.2% for math,” Witty stated in the release.

And compared with state results, 56.2% met state benchmarks in ELA, compared to a 54.9% state average. In math, however, 35.3% of Baker students met benchmarks, compared to a 39.4% state average.

“The District is continuing to invest in new strategies to improve student achievement in mathematics,” Witty said. “This year we hired a math tutor to work with Baker High School students needing additional support.”

Witty noted that Baker Web Academy and Baker Early College showed improved participation rates for 2018-19. The District’s state report card will reflect lower achievement ratings based on areas where participation drops below state benchmarks, however.

Participation rates for other Baker schools remain at or above the state benchmark across other grade levels, Witty said.

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