from the Democrat-Herald

October 31, 1969

Mixed emotions were expressed over the Pacific Northwest premiere showing of the movie “Paint Your Wagon” in Portland Wednesday night. However, the general consensus was that it was well worth seeing.


from the Baker City Herald

October 31, 1994

The Powder River Correctional Facility has received an award for excellence from the State Management Association.

Powder River, a minimum security prison that opened in Baker City in 1989, was honored for its publish service.


from the Baker City Herald

October 30, 2009

Baker High School leaders are gaining firsthand experience as philanthropists through the Community 101 program sponsored by the Oregon Community Foundation.


from the Baker City Herald

October 31, 2018

Dennis Bachman steps carefully off the aluminum ladder onto a platform that’s almost as high above the ground as you can get in Baker City and still have your feet on good solid boards.

He glances at his wristwatch and issues a warning.

“Two minutes.”

Close to that, anyway.

Bachman concedes that his modern digital watch might not be in perfect sync with the 113-year-old, and decidedly analog, timekeeper that he just climbed 92 steps to see.

When the massive iron bell in the clocktower at Baker City Hall sounds the time — half past 1 on Tuesday afternoon, in this case — it’s best to be prepared lest the terrific din takes you (and your heart rate) by surprise.

“Fortunately it’s only one ring this time,” said Bachman, who works for the city’s public works department.

He’s made the long climb from street level — the last 55 steps on a series of steeply pitched wooden staircases that could star in a horror film — to explain how the city is using this most conspicuous clock to add a bit of color to various holidays.

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