from the Democrat-Herald

October 24, 1969

Gilbert R. Maxwell, juvenile counselor in the Baker County Juvenile Department, has turned in his resignation effective Oct. 31. He has been with the BCJD since August 26, 1968.


from the Baker City Herald

October 25, 1994

This year’s East-West Shrine All-Star Football Game in Baker City brought in $90,025, more money than any in the event’s 42-year history. The old record was $67,000, said Ric Sherman, the game’s outgoing chairman.


from the Baker City Herald

October 26, 2009

Despite a rise in charity and bad debt cases attributed to the recession, St. Elizabeth Health Services posted net income of more than $239,000, according to the hospital’s annual report for the 2008-2009 fiscal year.

This marks the second consecutive year St. Elizabeth has reported a net income in excess of $200,000 after several years of operating in the red.


from the Baker City Herald

October 26, 2018

State wildlife officials tranquilized an adult male bear inside the Sumpter city limits Wednesday and then released the 225-pound bruin Thursday on private land more than 30 miles away.

Brian Ratliff, district wildlife biologist at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (ODFW) Baker City office, said Thursday’s release in the Lookout Mountain unit east of Baker City went well.

“The bear seemed to be in good health,” Ratliff said.

He attached tags to each of the bear’s ears that notify any hunter who might shoot the bear that its meat will not be fit for human consumption until about Nov. 7 because it takes about 14 days for the tranquilizer to metabolize.

Ratliff thinks it’s unlikely the bear will be shot, though, because the release site is in a large area of private land that’s not open to hunting.

Although ODFW typically kills bears found near homes, Ratliff said the situation in Sumpter was different in a couple of ways.

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