from the Democrat-Herald

October 24, 1969

HAINES — Telephone subscribers here are up in arms over an improvement, resulting in possible higher charges.


from the Baker City Herald

October 24, 1994

Kenneth Lockwood, who spent his entire working career with KBKR radio station, including 33 years as owner, died Oct. 23, 1994, at St. Elizabeth Health Services. He was 71.


from the Baker City Herald

October 23, 2009

Matea Huggins isn’t even a teenager yet but already she’s the star of a hunting tale that would enchant listeners at any Oregon campfire.

It’s even true, this story.

On Sunday Matea, who’s 12, pulled off a feat that fewer than 100 hunters in the state, almost all of them at least twice her ago, can boast about.

Matea bagged a mountain goat.


from the Baker City Herald

October 24, 2018

One of Baker County’s unique attractions will soon close for the season in advance of winter’s deep snows, but plans are afoot to open more of the Sumpter Dredge to visitors in the future.

There is no timeline, but the long-term goal is to allow visitors to tour sections of the upper two stories of the hulking gold-mining machine, said Garrett Groth, ranger at the Sumpter Valley Dredge State Heritage Area.

That could include the third-floor winch room, where a worker controlled many of the functions of the 1,240-ton behemoth.

Groth said he hopes the park will have up to $250,000 available for work inside the dredge, although the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department might need to divert some of that money to other park properties in Harney County.

Any project inside the dredge, which operated from 1935 until 1954, is challenging because of potential conflicts between modern safety standards for stairs and other facilities, and the need to preserve the historic nature of the machine, Groth said.

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