from the Democrat-Herald

September 11, 1970

PRINEVILLE — The Baker High School football squad left Baker yesterday morning expecting to return home with a win.

They came home instead with more than they bargained for, as they downed the Crook County Cowboys 50-0 in the initial grid game of the season for both squads.

Baker’s Bob Sturgill led the Bulldog scoring from the fullback slot with three touchdown runs.


from the Baker City Herald

September 11, 1995

Napoleon said an army marches on its stomach. That may be true.

What’s certain is that 2,400 bicyclists who plan to ride 431 miles in seven days pedal on their stomachs.

The riders and their stomachs arrived in Baker County this afternoon, after riding 74 miles from Joseph to Halfway on the third day of the week-long trek that is Cycle Oregon VIII.

Tonight in Halfway they’ll feast on pit-barbecued beef, baked beans, corn on the cob and strawberry shortcake (plus a pantry full of other stuff).


from the Baker City Herald

September 10, 2010

Some people might be shocked by what they see at Phillips Reservoir.

But it all looks normal to Jeff Colton.

Or, more to the point, the irrigation reservoir near Baker City looks the way it’s supposed to in late summer.

More than half full, that is.

During the past decade or so, though, Phillips has in most years receded considerably by this time of year, raising concerns among farmers and ranchers about the water supply for next spring.


from the Baker City Herald

September 11, 2019

Beginning a day of activities and fun with the Rip City Rally, representatives and personalities from the Portland Trail Blazers gathered Monday afternoon at Baker City’s Brooklyn Primary School to put on an assembly for more than 300 students.

Brooklyn Principal Phil Anderson told his students he received a call last spring from the Trail Blazers about having an assembly at their school.

Todd Bosma, director of game operations for the Trail Blazers, led the assembly in encouraging students to be active instead of going home and watching TV or playing video games all day.

Joining Bosma were members from Moda, the insurance company for whom the Blazers’ arena in Portland is named — Mina Zarnegin, Noah Pietz and Mike McGuffey. Two Blazer Dancers, Natalie and Jackie, and Blaze the Trail Cat were there as well.

To help keep them active, McGuffey, also called “Moda Mike” by Bosma, presented new playground balls for the Brooklyn students from Moda Health.

“Moda is giving you guys brand new playground balls because they want to make sure you have everything you need to go outside and play, so we will give you these playground balls if you promise to use them,” Bosma said.

The students promised to use them.

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