from the Democrat-Herald

September 25, 1969

The Burnt River Bulls stampeded to a 79-6 trouncing over the Powder Valley Badgers Friday afternoon on the Badgers’ gridiron.

Burnt River took advantage of their “beef” to take the win. The bulls proved to be a much larger team physically. The grade A team had little trouble moving the ball by capitalizing on superior backfield speed and line strength.


from the Baker City Herald

September 26, 1994

U.S. Forest Service law enforcement agents were investigating the causes of two large fires this morning, one on the Malheur National Forest and another on the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest.


from the Baker City Herald

September 25, 2009

The Baker School Board has rejected a grievance filed by the teachers’ union seeking payment for the five days cut from their contract in June to save the district money.


from the Baker City Herald

September 26, 2018

The french fry that ends up on a plate in Indonesia or Vietnam or Japan might have embarked on its long journey from a dusty patch of ground next to Highway 30 just north of Baker City.

A bit before noon on a nearly cloud-free Tuesday, Mark Ward stood beside a conveyor belt bearing a constant torrent of dusky brown Russet Burbanks.

The belt disgorged its starchy stream inside a half-moon-shaped metal cellar 185 feet long, 51 feet wide and more than 20 feet high.

The cellar can hold 3,000 tons of potatoes but today, just the second day of what Ward expects will be a 10-day harvest, only the far end is crammed with spuds.

Ward, who is chairman of the Oregon Potato Commission, said there’s a good chance that the potatoes tumbling past on the belt, after they’re turned into french fries, will be shipped across the Pacific Ocean.

He said about 65 percent of Oregon-grown potatoes are exported, and Asia is the most important, and fastest-growing, foreign market.

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