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S. John Collins / Baker City HeraldJenny Mowe, center, wants to expand her business, Sweet Wife Baking, to allow for more seating comfort and capacity of customers, plus other considerations. Employees are Melody Castello, left, and Kayla Keith.

Sweet Wife Baking plans to move from its current location at 2080 Resort St. to the former site of Stockman’s bar on the east side of Main Street between Washington Avenue and Broadway Street.

The decision to make the move came last week.

“We had been looking at downtown spaces,” said Jenny Mowe, owner of Sweet Wife. “We need to expand our business.”

Mowe said she needs more than four tables for inside seating, “especially in the winter time.”

Mowe had considered the house beside her current location but she couldn’t come up with a layout that “wasn’t too claustrophobic.”

Mowe’s mother-in-law and father-in-law, Linda and Randy Joseph, had been looking to invest in property and they bought the former Stockman’s building at 2028 Main St.

“It’s a great building,” said Mowe. “We’re excited to be in here.”

Currently family members are “gutting” the building.

“We’re going to try and get it back to kind of the original, is the goal,” Mowe said.

She has been looking for pictures and records at the library but hasn’t found much.

“I think it was the bar the whole time,” Mowe said.

During the remodeling workers have found posters from the 1960s as well as some original trim pieces.

“I can’t date the bar,” Mowe said. “I don’t know how old the bar is so some of it’s a little frustrating, but we’ll get there.”

She has had several people tell her stories of their experiences in Stockman’s.

Mowe is not sure when she will move Sweet Wife Baking to the new location.

“It’s an old building,” she said. “You never know what’s going to pop up when you start getting into stuff. We would like to see it, say sooner rather than later but we’ll see.”

Mowe said she and her husband, Loran Joseph, are in planning mode for how they will redo the interior of the building.

“This all happened so quickly that we’re still kind of in planning mode but it’ll be really cool, it’ll be a cool spot,” she said.

She wants to keep the big display case from her current location.

Sweet Wife Baking will remain open at the Resort Street location until the remodeled building is ready.

“We’ve got restaurants that depend on us to stay open and sell our desserts and stuff,” Mowe said.

Her goal is to expand her menu in the future.

“I like to take things really nice and slow, and grow so I can keep my quality up,” Mowe said. “My staff likes that, too. So we can hire a new person, get them trained correctly, and that allows us to grow into an area and keep our product really nice.”

Mowe started Sweet Wife Baking in 2010 and officially opened on Main Street in 2011. She has operated at the Resort Street building since 2015, and employs about 10 people.

“If I had done this right from the get-go, I would not have succeeded,” Mowe said. “You know, bought a building downtown, got a bunch of loans and everything else, and kind of done it that way, I don’t think I would have succeeded. I think growing into a space like this is definitely the better way to do it.”

Mowe said that although the focus is on the ground floor of the building, the family also would like to renovate the upstairs in the future.


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