from the Democrat-Herald

August 15, 1969

A portion of Baker County, formerly in the mountain time zone to accommodate a line of railroad that has been abandoned, is being placed in the Pacific time zone, the Department of Transportation has announced.


from the Baker City Herald

August 15, 1994

U.S. Forest Service fire experts are investigating two small fires reported near Granite early this morning that involved “suspicious circumstances.”


from the Baker City Herald

August 14, 2009

Insurance companies concerned about mounting losses stemming from deteriorating forest health and wildfires are imposing fire mitigation requirements on some forest landowners.

“The risks certainly have been increasing with the fuel loading of dead, dying and diseased trees,” said Darrin Sanger, communications director for the Oregon Insurance Council.


from the Baker City Herald

August 15, 2019

“Save the Roosters” read the back of one man’s shirt in the crowd of Tuesday’s Baker City Council meeting, and save the roosters they did.

After hearing comments from six different residents, all opposed to the ban, the City Council unanimously voted to reject an ordinance that would ban roosters within city limits. Larry Rockenbrandt presented the city with a petition signed by 175 people who opposed banning roosters.

During the meeting there were no community residents who spoke in support of banning roosters.

The original idea to ban roosters came up after the City received a complaint from a small number of people who had encountered roosters crowing in the middle of the night.

Instead of passing the ordinance outright banning roosters the Council now plans to make changes to the city’s noise ordinance.

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