A baker’s dozen of candidates will vie for six seats on the Baker City Council in the Nov. 3 election.

A total of 13 people have qualified for the ballot, said Katie LaFavor, city recorder.

The deadline to file as a candidate was 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

The list of candidates includes three incumbents — Doni Bruland, Arvid Andersen and Jason Spriet.

The other candidates are: Shane Alderson, Annie Croucher, Joanna Dixon, Kerry McQuisten, Betty J. Milliman, Damon Rose, Heather Sells, Gretchen Stadler, James C. Thomas and Johnny Waggoner Sr.

Voters will pick six candidates in the Nov. 3 election, as six of the seven seats on the City Council are up for election.

Typically there are only four openings. But this year there are six because two councilors resigned earlier this year, and their replacements, appointed by remaining councilors, serve temporary terms that end Dec. 31. The two appointed councilors are Spriet, who is running for a full term, and Larry Morrison, who did not file as a candidate.

Councilor Lynette Perry is the only councilor whose term continues into 2021. She was elected in 2018 to a 4-year term.

Mayor Loran Joseph and Councilor Randy Schiewe can’t run for re-election due to the term limits clause in the city charter.

Among the six candidates who are elected Nov. 3, the top three, in terms of votes received, will serve 4-year terms. The three others will serve 2-year terms. The newly elected councilors will begin their terms in early January.

Baker City Council members receive $10 per meeting, to a maximum of $150 per year. Voters in the May 2020 primary rejected a measure to remove council pay from the city charter.

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