Three of the six people charged with multiple drug crimes in a police raid of a Baker City home on Tuesday have been charged with additional crimes in connection with the investigation.

The three were indicted on the additional charges by a grand jury Thursday, said District Attorney Greg Baxter.Stacey Lee Bork, 31, the owner of the property at 1690 Indiana Ave. where a search warrant was executed Tuesday, faces an additional charge of felony possession of methamphetamine. A charge of possession of methamphetamine was elevated to a felony because Bork has a prior felony conviction, Baxter said.

On Tuesday, Bork was cited on charges of methamphetamine possession and frequenting a place where drugs are used or sold, both Class A misdemeanor charges.

Bork was transferred to the Ada County Jail at Boise Tuesday on an Idaho drug possession charge. He has since been released from the Idaho jail, according to a jail employee. No other information about his release was available in time for this story.

Amanda Renee Crews, 42, and John Gordon Hanna, 54, both described by police as transients, were lodged at the Baker County Jail Thursday after the grand jury indicted them on additional charges. They were arraigned Friday afternoon in Baker County Circuit Court.

The two were cited and released Tuesday on charges of unlawful distribution of methamphetamine, a Class B felony, and the Class A misdemeanor charges of possession of methamphetamine and frequenting a place where controlled substances are used or sold.

The new charges accuse them of conducting a commercial drug operation, which under Oregon law carries enhanced prison sentencing upon conviction.

Baxter said the theory that the two were operating a commercial drug business accuses them both of illegal possession of firearms, possession of drug records, packaging materials and scales, and possession of a quantity of methamphetamine.

Crews was charged by the grand jury with theft by receiving, obliterating or changing the identification number on a firearm, and unlawful delivery and possession of methamphetamine.

Hanna was charged with felon in possession of a firearm, obliterating or changing the identification number on a firearm, and unlawful delivery and possession of methamphetamine.

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