from the Democrat-Herald

November 15, 1967

Dan Warnock Jr. of Baker was sworn in as a new member of the school board of District 5-J during their regular monthly meeting held Monday night in the offices of the superintendent.

Warnock replaces the position vacated by Clyde Perrine of Sumpter who resigned from the board after serving for six years.


from the Baker City Herald

November 16, 1992

The use of $351,000 in Oregon Lottery funds to buy 85 acres west of Baker City to create Sumpter Valley State Park was approved by the state Parks and Recreation Commission Thursday at its meeting in Salem.


from the Baker City Herald

November 15, 2007

The bright green patch surprised Nick Myatt, as bold against the dull brown background as a glob of ketchup on a bright white shirt.

The patch was lush new grass.

The sight of that lush grass, some of which ought to end up in mule deer stomachs, eased Myatt’s fears that Baker County’s deer herds will be unusually vulnerable should the coming winter be a long and hard one.


from the Baker City Herald

November 16, 2016

Some ranchers and miners in Northeastern Oregon are optimistic that the Trump administration will ease federal regulations they say have hampered their industries and harmed the region’s economy.

Local elected officials had a similar reaction to the election.

Conservationists, meanwhile, said that although it’s not clear to them whether Trump will focus on environmental issues, they will continue to advocate for preserving public lands as sources of clean air, water and wildlife habitat.

North Powder cattle rancher Curtis Martin hopes Trump’s inauguration in January will mark a turning point in how the federal government manages public lands.