from the Democrat-Herald

November 27, 1967

Marine Corporal Richard L. Holloway, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Holloway of Durkee, is serving with the First Battalion, Fifth Marine Regiment, Fire Marine Division in the Republic of Vietnam.


from the Baker City Herald

November 27, 1992

Elderly Americans are becoming increasingly unable to afford adequate health care as costs and life spans increase, according to an Oregon State University gerontology expert.


from the Baker City Herald

November 27, 2007

MCMINNVILLE — Two Baker City men were among 56 Linfield College students to participate in a study-abroad program this fall.

Andy Munn traveled to France and Chris Rodgers spent the semester in England.


from the Baker City Herald

November 28, 2016

Baker Technical Institute has added the Department of Human Services to its list of partners in the community.

The pilot program between the career and technical training program known as BTI and DHS, the agency that offers public assistance to needy families, is the first partnership of its kind in Oregon, said Tammy Pierce, a BTI spokeswoman.

The Baker County Self-Sufficiency arm of DHS currently serves 123 households through its Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) grant program, said Rhonda Culley, DHS Self-Sufficiency program manager in Baker City.

“We’ve done a good job of getting people off (the TANF rolls) and helping them get jobs and keep jobs,” Culley said. “We work really hard with the clientele we have and have been successful.”

Another 1,166 Baker County households are enrolled in the former food stamp program now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.