from the Democrat-Herald

December 27, 1967

Baker County may be the scene for a Paramount Pictures movie named “Paint Your Wagon.”


from the Baker City Herald

December 29, 1992

The National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center reached a milestone Saturday when the 200,000th visitor walked through the door.


from the Baker City Herald

December 28, 2007

Howard Payton has watched a bunch of blizzards during his 70 years living at Wingville but he hadn’t ever seen snow and wind paint such a curious scene as they did Sunday.

Payton was driving north on Old Wingville Road, going to feed some cattle, when he saw something strange in the bleak white blankness of a snow-covered winter wheat field.

It was a ball of snow and a big one — the sort of thing a couple of kids would fashion in their front yard as the base for a first-class snowman.


from the Baker City Herald

December 30, 2016

If you hoped 2017 would bring balmy relief after Baker County shivered through a record-cold December, you’d do well to keep the down coat and the woolen mittens close by.

The new year might be colder than the old.

For its first week anyway.

The National Weather Service says north winds behind a cold front on New Year’s Day will shove a mass of frigid air from Canada into Eastern Oregon.

“As skies clear on Wednesday (Jan. 4), radiational cooling will help temperatures fall to the coldest levels in a few seasons,” according to the Weather Service’s meteorologists in Boise.

Which is awfully cold, considering what local residents endured during the past few weeks.