from the Democrat-Herald

January 31, 1968

Congressman Al Ullman’s office has announced that funds for a new Bureau of Land Management building for Baker were included in the President’s Budget message sent Monday to Congress. The projected cost of the new building would be $153,000.


from the Baker City Herald

January 29, 1993

At the same time the U.S. Forest Service is requesting more people to work on forest health restoration in the Blue Mountains, the agency has announced it will soon begin laying off temporary employees.


from the Baker City Herald

January 31, 2008

Forgive Chelsea McLagan for her rather placid reaction to the snow that has piled persistently in Baker Valley this week.

McLagan is the marketing and events coordinator at Ski Anthony Lakes, in the Elkhorn Mountains about 35 miles northwest of Baker City.

And compared with what the recent series of storms has accomplished up in the Elkhorns, the valley’s accumulations of late seem pretty puny.

Since Sunday, three feet of snow has amassed at Ski Anthony Lakes.

That’s an unusually heavy fall for a four-day period even in the snow-prone Elkhorns.


from the Baker City Herald

January 30, 2017

January was poised to set at least one monthly record for cold temperatures in Baker City until a warm spell kicked the month off its polar path.

Warm, of course, being a relative term.

Nobody who’s spent the whole month here likely would describe any part of January as balmy, to be sure.

But the second half of the month has been notably less chilly than the first. And so the records, some of which date to 1949, will stand.