from the Democrat-Herald

February 5, 1968

Members of the Citizens for Civil Affairs group, an organization that is attempting to change city government from the city manager-councilman form to the mayor-city commissioner form, held several group meetings during the past week, according to A.O. Bond, secretary.


from the Baker City Herald

February 5, 1993

The latest snow depth and water equivalent numbers continue to point toward drought relief for Northeastern Oregon.

The average water content for 16 measured sites is 137 percent of normal. El Dorado Pass, along Highway 26 southeast of Unity, was 250 percent of normal at the Feb. 1 reading.


from the Baker City Herald

February 5, 2008

Candidates considering making a bid for one of four slots on the Baker City Council will have six extra months to mull their decision.

What they won’t have is a primary election to get through.


from the Baker City Herald

February 6, 2017

A downtown Baker City building that has endured dozens of blizzards since its brick walls were mortared together 128 years ago succumbed to the great snows of 2017.

The Crabill Building, constructed in 1889 at 1916 Main St., sustained severe damage Sunday morning when the snow-covered roof collapsed.

No one was inside the building, which is used for storage, and there were no injuries, according to a press release from the Baker City Fire Department.

The majority of the damage was on the second floor of the Resort Street, or east side, of the two-story building, which occupies the block between Main and Resort streets.