from the Democrat-Herald

February 9, 1968

Four men representing the Paramount movie company are due in Baker Sunday. Five more are expected to arrive Monday night, according to D.E. Clark, Baker Chamber of Commerce chairman of the Movie Committee.

The men will be here to make various arrangements for the filming of “Paint Your Wagon” at East Eagle Meadows this summer.


from the Baker City Herald

February 9, 1993

Oregon Sen. Bob Packwood, speaking at Baker City Hall Monday, sidestepped questions about accusations of unwanted sexual advances.


from the Baker City Herald

February 8, 2008

Baker City doesn’t want the old cop car and neither, so it seems, does anyone else.

You’d figure the intimidation factor alone would make the 18-year-old Chevrolet Caprice a sure seller. Any freeway speed limit flouter who sees the familiar white-tinted shape in the rear-view mirror is apt to slink off into the right lane posthaste.

The Caprice, which has rolled up 129,724 miles and delivered an untold number of miscreants to jail, was one of 100 lots the city put up for bid on eBay in late January.


from the Baker City Herald

February 10, 2017

Flooding hasn’t been a problem so far in Baker City even as temperatures warm and light rain melts the deepest snow in the city in more than two decades.

Tom Fisk, the city’s public works operations supervisor, said the thaw has fortunately been a relatively slow process, and the city’s stormwater drainage system has been able to keep up.

“Things are going pretty smooth,” Fisk said.

Although the temperature rose above 40 degrees on four of the past six days — including Thursday’s high of 49, the warmest day at the airport since Nov. 15 — rainfall hasn’t been excessive.

February’s total at the airport was .44 of an inch through Thursday.