from the Democrat-Herald

February 16, 1968

“Land of the empire builders, land of the golden west...” As the Oregon State Song tells of the beauty and grandeur of Oregon, Baker residents and members of the Baker County Historical Society expressed their deep love and pride for their state at special Statehood observances held Wednesday at the community center.


from the Baker City Herald

February 16, 1993

Carmelita Holland of Richland recently received the Oregon Hunter Education Silver award from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for service to the state’s hunter education program.


from the Baker City Herald

February 15, 2008

Nearly six months in the making, Baker County’s proposed Travel Management Plan option is just about complete.

A committee that’s been at work since late August has completed an inventory of seven Baker County watersheds. They used data collected by volunteers, who rode their all-terrain vehicles this fall and their snowmobiles this winter, to help the committee determine which roads to recommend stay open and which ones have “grown closed” because they’ve become overgrown.


from the Baker City Herald

February 17, 2017

Rapid melting of the abnormally deep snowpack in the valleys and foothills of Western Idaho last week and over the weekend spawned a gush of water into Brownlee Reservoir that surprised reservoir managers with its speed and volume.

“The inflow event was pretty significant for us,” said Frank Gariglio, who works in the water management group for Idaho Power Company, which owns Brownlee Dam on the Oregon/Idaho border in Baker County.

The glut of snowmelt that poured into Snake River tributaries, including the Weiser, Payette and Boise rivers, boosted the water level in Brownlee by about 14 feet.