By Lisa Britton

For the Baker City Herald

The emergency room is prepped and ready for the incoming patient — a 5-year-old boy injured in an ATV accident.

Fortunately, this time the emergency isn’t real — it’s a simulation at St. Alphonsus Medical Center-Baker City designed to give the local medical personnel practice in responding to a pediatric trauma.

(Real patients were given cards to explain that the trauma was a simulation.)

A grant paid for the training conducted by Idaho Simulation Network.

The simulation staged Thursday was the culmination of the training for the Baker City team, which includes Priscilla Lynn, Shauna Cline, Michelle Stairs, Sommer Sargent, Marianne Stone and Sai Singh.

The simulation brought together several emergency responders: Baker City Fire Department, St. Alphonsus ER and the Life Flight Network.

The ambulance crew set up the scene as it would be for an accident scenario, including a real ATV and a high-tech manikin that can be programmed with different ailments.

“We made it look like an actual scene,” said Sara Blair, EMS coordinator. “They performed all the skills they would with a regular patient.”

BCFD transported the manikin to the hospital, along with his worried mom, play-acted by Chelsea Rohner.

At St. Alphonsus, the emergency department staff took over care, reacting to the programmed script of the patient’s condition.

“The manikin bleeds, talks, cries,” said Marion Constable of the Idaho Simulation Network.

The next moments saw a decline in the patient’s health, which necessitated a call to Life Flight for transport.

See more in the Feb. 28, 2018, issue of the Baker City Herald.