from the Democrat-Herald

May 2, 1968

Baker School District 5J budget will be approved or disapproved by voters Monday. The budget calls for $1,271,593, which is $226,562 over the six percent tax limitation and includes a five percent salary increase.


from the Baker City Herald

May 2, 1993

Tourism in Oregon is a fast-growing, multi-billion dollar industry that generates sizable salaries, according to a study for the tourism industry.

To that end, Baker County officials showcased the region last month during the Governor’s Conference on Tourism in Baker City.


from the Baker City Herald

May 2, 2008

Baker County Clerk Tami Green and her staff of two were working Thursday to finish preparing 10,279 ballots for the mailbag Friday.

Like her 35 counterparts around the state, Green is trying to avoid mailing two ballots to some voters.

That may seem like a no-brainer — voting early and often is usually a big city phenomenon, after all — but Green has good reason to be extra careful this primary season.


from the Baker City Herald

May 1, 2017

At a meeting Thursday, Baker County Commissioners mulled over how to proceed with a proposed hydroelectric power plant at Mason Dam.

Last September the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) licensed the project, which would generate up to 3.4 megawatts of power.

The federal approval followed several years of planning that included ways to reduce the potential effects of the project on bull trout and redband trout.

Mason Dam, finished in 1968, created Phillips Reservoir. The reservoir along the Powder River, about 17 miles southwest of Baker City, is designed for flood control and to store irrigation water, but its original design did not include turbines to produce electricity.